11L Large Kitchen Air Fryer with Visible Front Window - White
Description This 11L air fryer oven is both efficient and stylish. Temperature may be adjusted from 80-210 °C and high speed 360° heat rotation is enabled. Smart digital controls enable 8 preset cooking programs to be selected with ease. A...
£109.99 £54.99
Energy-Efficient 48cm Height T Shaped Cooker Hood Touch Control
60/90cm Wide T Shaped Cooker Hood Description Enjoy a fresh kitchen with our Livingandhome T-shaped cooker hood. With an impressive extraction rate of 1000-1400 m3/hr, it quickly removes cooking fumes, vapour and odor, leaving you a clean cooking environment. Whether...
£300.99 £122.99
96cm Height Power Ducted Wall Mount Cooker Hood with Smart Sensor Control
96cm Height Wall Mount Cooker Hood 200W Power Description If you are into frying chips or steaks in the comfort of your home, you will find a powerful cooker hood essential. With the contemporary angled appearance and premium construction, look...
£299.99 £149.99
Large 5L Black Touchscreen Air Fryer kitchen
5L Black Touchscreen Air Fryer kitchen Description Is it possible to prepare delicious dishes that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with almost no oil? Of course it is! The Livingandhome air fryer cooks food by...
£81.99 £40.99
5L White/Black Digital Smart Air Fryer with Visible Window - Black
5L White/Black Smart Air Fryer with Visible Window Description: The air fryer is equipped with viewing windows, giving you a clear glimpse of the cooking process without opening the lid. No more guesswork or interrupting the cooking cycle simply keep an...
£91.98 £45.99