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Gold Wall Hanging Storage and Display Decorative Shelf
Description: Here is the ideal, space-saving method for storing and decorating your wall art, allowing you to float your favourite plant or picture frame. Because it is made of high-quality metal, the shelf is long-lasting and resistant to wear. It...
£27.98 £13.99
Minimalism Wall Floating Shelf Round Gold Framed Display Rack
Here comes the perfect space-saving solution to your wall storage and decoration, where you can float your favourite plant or photo frame. Crafted from quality metal, the shelf is durable and wear-resistant, its practicality lasts for years. It's something more...
£19.98 £9.99
2 Style Modern Round Floating Decorative Wall Shelf
Description Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space with the Livingandhome stunning round iron and wood floating shelf. Its unique design combines the rustic warmth of wood with the modern elegance of iron, creating a captivating focal point for...
£39.98 £19.99
3 Style Diy Hexagonal Wall Shelf Storage
Description Oozing geometric charm, this Livingandhome hexagonal wall shelf can bring your palin wall to life.The floating design gives the illusion that the shelf is magically suspended on the wall, adding a touch of intrigue and sophistication. This not only...
£23.98 £11.99
2-Tier Geometric Floating Shelf Easy Assembly Gold Framed Wall Shelf
If your floor space is already occupied, then you may need our delicate wall shelves which can make the best of your empty wall. With a dual hexagonal design, this wall floating shelf is a piece of wall art, you...
£21.98 £10.99
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