1.5KW freestanding Electric Garden Outdoor Patio Heater Water Resistant Infrared
Enjoy a drink or party in the garden any time of year. The heater combines a robust product with excellent design, making it ideal for domestic use. There is a choice of 2 heat settings, 750W and 1500W, and the...
£173.99 £129.99
1.5KW Electric Patio Heater Quartz Garden Heater Waterproof Outdoor Free Standing
New water-resistant and freestanding infrared heater is efficient and economical. Uses a standard ac wall outlet. Its infrared heat is hardly influenced by the wind and is silent. There are 2 heating elements to provide 1500 Watts when combined heating...
£136.99 £78.99
1.5KW Electric Quartz Free Standing Floor Outdoor Garden Patio Heater
Features Designed for use on your deck, patio, porch, balcony, and more Electric halogen infrared stand heat lamp with weighted metal base Premium halogen lamp technology for optimal heat output Safety devices include on/off switch, overheat protection and instant off...
£141.99 £93.99
2KW Free Standing Patio Electric Heater Quartz Garden Heater 3 Heating Levels
Feature:*Made from steel - stylish, durable and long lasting.*Height adjustable from 1.8 to 2.1m in freestanding mode.*Three heat settings (650W, 1350W, 2000W) , allows you to adjust the temperature saving you both energy money.*Up to 5000 hours lamp life.*This advanced...
£82.99 £32.99
3KW Electric Patio Heater With Remote Control
Features The electric outdoor infrared heater adopts infrared technology to dissipate heat evenly, it doesn't overheat the area and cause you to sweat. The remote controls allow you to adjust and set the temperature without having to touch the heater....
£143.99 £93.99
2KW Column Patio Heater Electric Outdoor Indoor Heater 3 Power Settings Remote Control
Features: *Infrared carbon technology spotlight with maximum energy efficiency up to 98%. *Carbon radiant heater 650W/1350W/2000W with aluminum housing. *Elegant design with minimal space requirements takes on a modern look. *Ideal for indoor and outdoor areas such as houses, conservatories,...
£199.99 £94.99
1.2KW 360 Infrared Heater Stand Heater Electric Heater Carbon Fiber Tube
Features All Weather Electric Halogen wall heater keeps your garage, deck from freezing in the winter. Equipped with halogen tubes as heating element, 360° direction heating. With high efficient dual halogen bulk it produces 1200W instant heat with light, this...
£141.99 £85.99
2KW Column Patio Heater Outdoor Indoor Heater Electric Patio Heater
Feature: *Elegant design with minimal space requirements takes on a modern look. *Equipped with 4 halogen tubes as heating element, the electric heater warms within 1 second. *You can control power on/off switch, no worry of having difficulty reaching it...
£199.99 £82.99
3KW Portable Electric Patio Heater Outdoor Freestanding Heater
When choosing an outdoor heating system or garage heater, consider our electric infrared heaters. Our infrared heat lamp includes a sturdy tripod stand. Use for your patio, porch, balcony, garage, workshop, and more! Features Fast & Quiet heating: Our Patio...
£133.32 £99.99
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