4-Panel Wooden Folding Pet Playpen - White
Description Give your pet the ultimate play area with Livingandhome pet playpen. Whether indoors or outdoors, this playpen provides a safe and enjoyable space for your pet to exercise and relax. Crafted from high-quality wood and iron, it combines strength...
£129.99 £69.99
80cm Height Freestanding Wooden Pet Playpen 4-Panel - White
Description Discover theperfect pet play area with this Livingandhome pet playpen. Madewith a blend of wood and wire, this playpen boasts both durability and elegance. It can serve as a temporary enclosureas well asa permanent fixture. Thefolding panels with 360...
£149.98 £74.99
Sold Out
Black Foldable 5/6 Panels Metal Pet Playpen
Description: A must have for those who keep pets, this versatile metal playpen from Livingandhome allows multiple interactions. Consists of several flexible panels, it can be formed into various kinds of shapes to coordinate with your space. Whether it is...
£85.99 £67.99
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