Choosing The Perfect Patio Heater To Keep You Warm In The Garden

Patio heaters may give your backyard or garden additional personality as well as providing much-needed warmth on chilly summer nights. So what should you know before you buy? Here is our guide:

Patio heaters and outdoor heaters are a beautiful and functional addition to your garden. You can't just purchase any patio heater though. Style, fuel type, and safety are important to consider before making your choice.

Patio Heater Style

Appearance takes precedence for many of us which makes sense—why spend money designing your ideal garden just to purchase an unsightly heater, even if it is useful? The style also affects how well it fits the area; for instance, is it a big gas patio heater for a huge garden or a little hanging patio heater?

Hanging Patio Heaters

Hanging patio heaters are often small,usually hung from your porch ceiling, parasols, pergolas, gazebos or even in your garden shed.

The major benefit of these heaters is that they can be placed in the middle of the room, where everyone will benefit from the heat they provide and there won't be any disputes among the children about who gets to sit closest.

So, if you want to stay warm when you’re outdoors, hanging patio heaters are an excellent option.

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 Patio Heater Ceiling Hanging Lamp 500/1000/1500W Remote Control Adjustable


Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

You may take advantage of pleasant nights outdoors with wall mounted patio heaters without having to sacrifice the look of your patio. It's never been simpler to choose an outdoor wall mounted heater that best matches your external décor because they are available in such a broad variety of types and finishes. These heaters are the best option for an out-of-reach heating solution, giving families with young children the added security they need. Visit our whole selection today.

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Freestanding Patio Heaters

Free standing patio heaters are one of the best-selling heaters available because of their simple setup, high level of weather resistance, and affordability. Because of its "plug in and play" functionality, this type of heater is used widely in the UK. Free-standing electric heaters, as you can see, require no assembly, installation, or maintenance. And your toolbox can stay in the shed for a while longer, often a very good thing for many people. You may usually need to move and install them wherever you need to, however, you will still need an extensional connection to connect them to the main energy supply.

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Gas Patio Heaters

In a well-ventilated outdoor environment, natural gas heaters are an excellent choice to generate a lot of warmth. They operate quietly and give off a warm feeling because of their flame-effects. You may put them practically anywhere outdoors which is open and ventilated since they don't need an electrical outlet to function.

Gas patio heaters can produce more heat than electric heaters. They are the ideal addition for an outdoor bar deck or patio. And they are often more economical.

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Safety Considerations

Health and safety considerations are the most vital thing when purchasing outdoor heaters.

Having a gorgeous patio heater is great, but what should you do to stay safe?

Place it in the right area

Placement is important. Patio heaters should be at least one metre away from anything flammable. Children and animals should be kept well away from open flames, and the heaters should be set up on a flat area so they can't be easily pushed over. Also, electric patio heaters should not be left outside during heavy rain as this could damage the heaters and cause potential hazards.

Read and follow the instructions thoroughly

Many people will skip the instruction manuals when they receive their heater. But they contain important care instructions. There isn't a one-size-fits-all method for installing and caring for patio heaters because they all use different types of fuel and come in various sizes. Always read your manual to know how to care for your heater.

Maintain the heater regularly

Daily maintenance is required for your patio heater and this will depend on the model you are using, but before you buy a patio heater, you should be prepared to maintain it regularly.

Maintenance includes shielding it during sun exposure or moving it into storage if it isn’t be used for a long time. It also includes cleaning debris inside, cleaning the unit generally and replacing any broken parts.

In Short

Patio heaters are one of your best choices to keep warm and cozy outdoors at night. Gas patio heaters can be more eco-friendly whilst freestanding heaters allow you to move to the perfect position easily. Wall mounted and hanging patio heaters can save you space and keep your children and pets out of potential harm.

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