How Do Electric Fireplaces Work? Can They Be Installed Anywhere?

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Today's question that we'll answer is 'how do electric fireplaces work and can they be installed anywhere?'

Now there's nothing like the warm glow of a fireplace to create a little ambience, but traditional wood-burning fireplaces can be smoky, messy and expensive to maintain. This is because most of the heat has been lost up the chimney, in other words, they're not very energy efficient.

If your home wasn't originally designed with a traditional fireplace installed then adding one in can be very costly. By adding an electric fireplace, you can still get that warm, cosy look and feel without any significant construction or alterations to your home.

traditional fireplace
Living and Home - 30 Inch Electric Stove Heater Fire Log Burner Fireplace
The traditional fireplace and its complex accessories

 Living and Home - 30 Inch Electric Stove Heater Fire Log Burner Fireplace


Electric fireplaces do not produce flames, instead special lighting effects create the appearance of fire and glowing embers. Because nothing is burned, electric fireplaces don't produce smoke or other emissions, so they don't require a chimney or venting to the outside.

Electric fireplaces are often used as supplementary heat units, and the heat output is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Unit). You can shop by BTU output or square feet of the area you want to heat. (Tips: Common BTU output and heating area are 5120 BTU and 400 square feet respectively.)

60 Inch Insert Electric Fireplace Heater Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace 1500w
The Living and Home Best Seller 5120BTU 60 inch Built-in Electric Fireplace

Models with faux logs have highly detailed realistic-looking wood, ash and embers whereas other contemporary models of fire don't even have logs at all. In these models, the 'flames' rise out of decorative material, there are a myriad of these design to choose from, including stones and crystals in a variety of colours.

In GIF image: realistic-looking logs


Now, let's look at some of the different types and styles of electric fireplaces.

The most permanent type is the built-in electric fireplace.

These units have unfinished sides so they are designed to sit within the opening of a wall. For this particular space, we chose a 50-inch Living and Home built-in fireplace with a faux brick interior. We surrounded it with high gloss woodgrain panels set vertically with broad grout lines for visual interest.

Insert Wall Mounted Electric Heater with Remote Control


Built-in electric fireplaces come in a wide range of sizes and styles and you can choose from a variety of features like a remote control or colour-changing flames and embers.

24 Inch Inset Electric LED Fireplace with Remote Control


Mounted electric fireplaces give you more flexibility than built-in models.

Since these fireplaces hang on the wall, you don't need to construct a box around them. Some wall-mounted models have different installation options. To learn which installation type is right for your home check out our mounted electric fireplaces by clicking the link below:

Mounted fireplaces are freestanding units that are designed to look like permanent fireplaces. When positioned against the wall, these electric fireplaces look like they are part of the home's architecture.

Media console fireplaces can also double as a television stand.

These are functional freestanding pieces of furniture that don't take up too much space. 

Floor Standing Electric Fireplace Suite

Whether you're considering an electric fireplace to add style to your home, as a supplementary heat source or both, you'll find countless combinations to choose from.

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