Cosy Up Your Home for Winter

The days are getting colder, the hours of sunlight are diminishing and Winter is quickly starting to creep in. When we go outside we wrap up warm and keep ourselves protected from the cold but can we say that we do the same with our homes?

It's time to make your home as cosy as possible to contend with the chilly Winter weather.

To do this we recommend soft, comfy furniture to absorb heat, fluffy rugs and carpets to keep your feet warm and electric fires and space heaters that will provide you with warmth and allow you to keep the cost down this season.

First, and most importantly, you should invest in a heat source. Even if you already have a radiator, try considering these cheaper alternatives: 

Electric Fires 

An electric fire is a brilliant source of heat in Winter. Electric fires cost a fraction of the price to run compared to a radiator and can heat a whole room incredibly fast. They can come free-standing, wall mounted or inserted to fit any room shape or type, they are also a must if your house has no central heating or running a radiator is too expensive. Electric fires also a perfect addition to a media wall and many come with colour changing flames so you can customise your look and match your fire to your room décor.
Choose a fire that best suits the look of your room and choose a fame colour to fit in with your room colour scheme.  


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Space Heater

A space heater is also a great alternative to an electric fireplace and a radiator, as it heats the whole room but takes up less space. Space heaters are easy to plug in to a wall socket or extension and some even run on gas canisters. It's easy to change the temperature of a space heater too, you can either keep it running continuously on a lower heat or you can crank it up for maximum heat output. 

If you have a smaller room then a space heater is perfect solution for your heating.


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Investing in soft, plush furniture is also a great way to keep yourself warm. Ditch the wood and cold leather, and choose from armchairs, sofas and footstools crafted from velvet, teddy fabric and wool to keep yourself comfortable and retain heat during the Holiday season.            



Now that heating and furniture has been changed to provide and retain as much heat as possible, it's finally time to add some warmth with accessories. Add a fluffy rug that's soft and warm underfoot or use it in a nook or alcove to trap in heat. Combine the rug, heater and fabric furniture with a soft knitted blanket that's perfect for curling up under with a book and a mug of hot chocolate or peppermint tea. 


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By following these tips, you can transform your home into a warm and inviting sanctuary during the winter months. Stay cosy and enjoy the comforts of home while the cold weather rages outside.

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