How Do You Keep A Warm House And Slash Electric Bills?

" This winter will be EXTREMELY COLD, it will possibly be one of the coldest seen in decades. Experts say we need to make preparations! "

Traditional fireplace vs. electric fireplace

Don't you hate the soot from traditional fireplaces? Are you still worried about your heating bills?

Unfortunately, The traditional fireplace is no longer efficient. It wastes a huge amount of energy and relies on natural resources for heating.

To combat this, here at Living and Home we have just launched our range of electric fireplaces. These can heat your room faster, safer and are more cost effective.

PM0519 livingroom

Install an electric fireplace in the room you use most often to enjoy a temperature that gives you comfort. 

A man uses Living&Home electronic fireplace PM0519 to get a comfortable temperature

People have now realised that traditional wood or gas fireplaces require maintenance, wood cutting, chimney cleaning and expensive installation.

Traditional fireplace soot and electronic fireplaces save more on bills

Living and Home are committed to solving all these issues. That is why we have developed this environmentally friendly, efficient and safe electric fireplace, ideal for a wide range of interior styles.


How fast can it heat up?

This inset and wall mounted electric fireplace can heat any room up to 400 square feet wide in just 1 minute and can be set to 900W/1800W to maintain a temperature of 16°c to 28°c.

No other heating appliance can replenish heat and maintain a constant temperature as quickly as the Living and Home electric fireplace.

Electronic fireplace warm air outlet


How it saves costs?

These electric fireplace upgrades use a 'Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)' heater. The PTC heaters do not burn oxygen, making it safer and more energy efficient than traditional fireplaces and resistance wire-type heaters.

Consider the PTC heaters compared to resistant heaters as LED light bulbs are to incandescent bulbs. They have comparable lower energy costs and longer life.

Numerous functions of Living&Home electronic fireplace

Electric fireplaces ensure that little or no energy is sacrificed as Living and Home's electric fireplaces convert electrical energy into a 99% efficient heat


Why do people trust our electric Fireplaces?

Are you also worried about your family being in dangerous carbon monoxide? Conventional fireplaces can be deadly due to the greenhouse gases produced by not having your chimney cleaned regularly or in poorly ventilated areas of the home.

LivingandHome Electric Fireplaces have a thermal shut-off system

You don't need to worry about these electric fireplaces overheating either, they have a thermal shut-off system that automatically makes the unit safe in the event of overheating, ensuring the safety of your home and family.


Best choice on the market

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  • It heats up to 37 m2 (400 sq ft) in record time and saves on electricity bills.

  • 1H to 8H Built-in timer: perfect for when you're taking a nap.

  • 153 cm wide electric fireplace emits a realistic flame and is the finishing touch to your media wall.

  • Remote control, easy to turn on/off, adjust temperature and flame colour without moving.

  • 30 days return service and 1 year warranty to eliminate all your worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we put a TV on top of it?
Yes. It is suitable for decorating a media wall. 

Does it have logs and crystals?
Most of our fireplaces come with both logs and crystals - please check our descriptions.

Does it get hot to the touch?
Its glass panel is safe to touch unless you put your hand on the heating vent. It's very kid and pet friendly.

Is there a discount?
Yes, there is a 40% off launch sale. 

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Wishing all the family a warm winter.

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