We Can Be Doing Around the Home and Garden About Firepits

Well, the weather has definitely turned, hasn't it. No sooner did it feel like we were into a bit of an Indian Summer in September, October was upon us and so was the colder weather.

It has felt like such a strange year again with many of us still working from home and so the ‘heated’ discussion starts as to when we should turn the heating on! But as the nights draw in and the dark mornings seem ever longer, there are still things we can be doing around the home and garden even though all we may feel like doing is to hide under the duvet or curl up in front of the fire.

Before we look at those things we could (or maybe should be doing), maybe it is time to change things around with regards to your fire?

We know many of you have been redecorating over the summer and quite often the fireplace is the last thing to change as we may not think about it until we come to switch on for the first time in a little while.

Fires and fireplaces can make or break a room, be a centrepiece as well as that reassuring heat generator. We have a range of fires in stock that will add so much to any living room, ranging from mounted electric fireplaces to stove heaters, fireplace heaters to fake firewood and flame effect units.

At Living and Home, we pride ourselves on a wide range of high quality, contemporary and classic ranges that really make a home for living in.

outdoor firepit

So what about those jobs? Forgotten the garden already? Well maybe you shouldn’t. According to the Royal Horticultural Society ( rhs.org.uk/advice/in-month/october) there are still loads of little tasks you should consider especially as you prepare for winter such as laying turf, pruning climbing roses and you could even be planting some spring cabbages. And when you’ve smuggly completed everything they suggest, why not add a bit more decoration (and heat) with one of our range of firepits or bowls, perfect to keep you warm
when you are watching the fireworks or just looking at the clear night sky.


Coming indoors now where it is much warmer, according to the website Safewise ( https://www.safewise.com/blog/october-safety-and-maintenance-checklist/) October is the perfect time for some jobs around the house. Although US based, their tips on clearing out junk drawers and cupboards, checking smoke detectors and deep cleaning your bathroom, are just as valid for us this side of The Pond. Or what about removing those crumbs from the toaster that you keep forgetting to do or giving the dishwasher a proper clean. And when you’ve sorted those junk drawers and cupboards, why not get a bit more organised and use one of our kitchen carts or trolleys to make sure that you won’t need to be having to clear things out again this time next year!


Whatever you decide needs doing and sorting this Autumn, we know that we have everything you need to tidy or titivate, modernise or make more comfortable.

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