Square Shower Column Triple Function Shower Mixer Set
Description Constructed out of top-grade stainless steel and brass, the Livingandhome shower faucet set sports its high-level quality and reliable longevity. And finished in black, the whole set is resistant to fading and corrosion. For different shower habits, this shower...
£159.99 £104.99
Round Shower Column Triple Function Shower Mixer Set
Description Our Livingandhome black shower set is the key to your warm and comfortable shower. This set is made of premium brass and stainless steel to make for an addition of the highest quality. Since the top shower head is...
£149.99 £94.99
LED Lights Shower Panel 4 Function Wall Mount Shower System
Description After a long day, it’s time to treat yourself to a warm and relieving shower. With blue light glowing from the shower nozzles, your bathing experience can be taken to the next level with the Livingandhome shower panel. Soft...
£219.99 £149.99
LED Display Shower Panel 5 Function Shower System with Shower Head & Hand
Description This Livingandhome shower panel is as functional as it is attractive. In a sleek chic black finish, this shower panel can refresh your bathroom with a modern look. For your relaxing shower experience, this shower panel is proud of...
£189.99 £129.99
Shower Panel 5 Function Bathroom Shower System with Shower Head & Hand
Description Say bye to traditional shower experience and enjoy a luxurious one with the Livingandhome shower panel. It combines a waterfall shower head, 2 massage jets, a tub spout and a flexible hand shower, aiming to provide you with an...
£179.99 £119.99
8kW Electric Instant Hot Water Heater Tankless with Shower Kit
Description Time to upgrade your shower experience. If you are still searching high and low for a water heater that can meet your need of getting endless instant hot water, our tankless water heater is exactly what you need. With...
6kW Tankless Electric Water Heater with Shower Head Digital Temperature Display - Black
Description Make taking a shower a delight in winter with our smart electric water heater. This water heater can offer you a spa-like shower experience by providing instant and endless hot water so you don't have to wait forever for...
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