92cm Long 2500W Heater Patio Heater Wall Mounted Infrared Heater
With high power supplies, this electric heater could warm up your place instantly. With the warm glow, it would also bring warm feeling to your sweet home. Both quartz bulb and frost halogen bulb could be applied on this heater...
$103.00 $74.00
2KW Wall Mounted Garden Electric Heater with Remote
Designed with a singlefrost halogenbulb that heats up rapidly and creates a soft glow, this electric patio heater provides an effective and sufficient of heat. Turning on the switch and adjusting the power setting by the remote control, you could...
$93.00 $70.00
2kW Adjustable Patio Heater Wall Mount Pink Lighted Infrared Heater
This heater helps keep your outdoor spaces clear thanks to its wall mounted design, meaning you don't need to sacrifice table or patio space for your heater. The useful wall mountable design allows warm ambient heat to glow downwards onto...
$103.00 $61.00
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